My Funeral Plan Australia Pty Ltd (known as MFP) is a 100% Australian owned company, specializing in assisting you with your future funeral costs.

MFP is not an insurance policy, but a very simple way for you to put money towards the costs associated with a funeral in the family some time in the future.

Established as a result of approaches from within the retirement industry, MFP has no affiliations with Funeral Homes although we do have industry input to help us help you!.

MFP is a simple program, with easy payment options and no set or minimum payments. You can either make lump sum payments that may be added to at a later date, or just whenever you can afford them without penalties.

With MFP you are not tied to any funeral home, the choice is entirely yours!

At MFP you are in control, you decide how much and when you make payments and best of all, if something happens and you need your money you aren’t locked in.